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*Note we are only shipping outside of PA


Thunder Ridge Vineyards produces wine from estate-grown grapes and fruits. They offer a  tasting menu filled with sweet, semi-sweet and dry wines.

Check our "Wines & Grapes" for a full list of the wines we have to offer.

Hours of Operation
Fridays 4-8
(last Fri open is Black Friday
We re-open on Fridays
April 12)
Saturdays 11-5
Sundays 12-4
(last weekend open before winter break is
December 17th, 2023
We re-open Saturdays and Sundays on
February 3rd)
See events tab for special
hours and closures!

Please start a tab when you visit; we do hold credit cards! 

Also available by appointment. If you are out and about, call ahead and Thunder Ridge Vineyards will be happy to sell carry out products, such as bottles and merchandise. 


In addition to providing excellent customer service at the winery, Thunder Ridge travels to small events in the area showcasing their unique wines. 

Occasionally we hold small events at our winery! 




Check out our "News" section to stay up to date with the happenings at the vineyard. 


Other info:


We are a small establishment located on our personal property. Quaint and quiet with views of our vineyard to sit and relax. 


Check out Thunder Ridge Vineyard's Brick Oven Pizzas!  Enjoy one today or have a cheese & cracker plate along with the wine! 

(Outside food is allowed!)

We also carry Hard Cider!  See our "More than  just wine"  for more information.

Cool off with WINE SLUSHIES! Enjoy the great views as you cool off with this delicious treat. 



Keep up with all of the new things happening at Thunder Ridge Vineyards by following us on Facebook via Thunder Ridge Vineyards

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