Thunder Ridge Vineyards creates wines from estate grown grapes. The land contains over 4,000 vines! Thunder Ridge has 43 varieties of grapes including some unique to this area. Some unique grapes include La Crescent, Pinotage, Vignoles, and Gruner Veltliner.


Thunder Ridge does not use all of the grapes to make wine, some grapes are sold to local wineries and home winemakers. 

For more information or to purchase grapes contact Jeff at or 717-465-1283


Thunder Ridge Vineyards has a large variety of wines to taste and choose from. Wine tastings consist of a choice of  six wines to taste from the tasting menu. The tasting menu varies from one weekend to the next. 

Once a tasting bottle runs out, it is replaced with a new wine to try. Thunder Ridge's goal is for customers to taste different wines when the visit.

Wine Flights

Can't decide on a which wine to get a glass of? Pick 4 with the Thunder Ridge Wine Flight!

*$1 up-charge per dry red wine

Wines depend on the tasting menu for that day.



Cabernet Franc - A young Cabernet aged in Hungarian oak (dry)

Concord - A red wine filled with grape flavors and aromas (sweet)

Dark Storm - A smooth premium blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauv. and Petite Verdot (dry) 

Dornfelder - A medium bodied dry red wine made with Dornfelder grapes (dry)

Lemberger - A dry red Austrian grape with a nice smooth tannin (dry)

Marquette - A sweet red wine reminding many of a Port style wine (sweet)

Midnight Rain - A red blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a German red called Regent (dry)

Noiret - A lighter bodied red with black pepper hints (dry)

Temprañillo - A dry red wine filled with smooth tannin flavors (dry)

Trio Harmony - A semi-sweet red blend of Chardonel, Chambourcin, and Chancellor (semi-sweet) 



November Rain - A smooth and sweet rose' wine made with Marquette grapes (sweet)

Thunder Ridge Rose' - A sweet blend of Niagara, Concord and Villard Blanc (sweet) *A top selling sweet wine 

Thunder Ridge Red - A sweet wine with grape flavors made with Catawba grapes (sweet)

Seyval - A sweet, fruity white wine with a touch of Concord (sweet)

Sun Kissed - A pink Moscato, slightly sweeter than our Moscato wine (sweet)


Albariño - A unique, well-balanced, white wine with a fruity perfume and flavor (dry)

Cayuga White - Our award winning white wine, lightly oaked with a unique flavor (dry)

Chardonel - Lightly oaked white wine similar to a Chardonnay with a little fruit (dry) 

Chardonnay - A dry white wine aged in oak with a superb finish (dry)

Gruner Veltliner - An outstanding white wine with mineral flavors (dry) 

Hunter's Moon -  A semi-sweet white blend of Vidal, Chardonel, and Caygua White (semi-sweet)

La Crescent - A white wine with citrus flavors (dry)

Lightning's Revenge - A sweet white wine with hints of peach flavors (sweet)

Moscato - A blend of several Muscat grapes creating a crisp white wine (semi-sweet)

Niagara - A white with lots of grape flavors (sweet)

Pinot Grigio - An Italian style Pinot. A crisp patio wine (dry)

Stone Crisp White - A crisp, white wine blend with hints of Moscato (semi-sweet) 

Vidal Blanc - A crisp, fruity white wine perfect for any occasion (off-dry)

Vignoles - A dry white wine with hints of pineapple flavor (dry)

Vignoles Select - A sweet, smooth, white Port wine with hints of honey and higher alcohol (sweet)



Black Raspberry 

Fire & Rain - Our holiday favorite - a sweet white wine with cranberries leaving a tart cranberry finish (sweet)

Ocean Breeze - A refreshing blend of strawberries and blueberries (sweet)

Orchard & Vine - A sweet apple wine with a splash of a white wine (sweet)

Pawpaw - A fruit white wine with a strong aroma and an intense sweet flavor that resembles a combination of banana, mango, and pineapple (sweet)

PeachA sweet fruit wine made with estate grown yellow and white peaches (sweet)


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